Meridia Media/Meridia Marketing

Meridia Media

OBJECTIVE: Meridia Media guides their clients in the purchase and production of TV advertising. They work closely and personally with each client to find the most productive avenue for exposure and sales growth.

Their website was in need of an entire overhaul. The visual idea was to find expressive black and white photos to convey the concept behind each website page and to integrate a lively yet sophisticated color throughout the website.

The colors and black and white photos would become an integral aspect of the site’s design.  Along with clever and compelling copy, the site is designed to provide information across a broad spectrum of client types.

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Meridia Marketing

OBJECTIVE: The concept was to create a companion logo for the Meridia Media’s local marketing division. Meridia Media uses the image of a TV test pattern screen in its logo, and as the company is located in a coastal city, lines within a box representing waves were implemented.

The color palette involved many shades of blue with a slim pop of orange for the “M” of Meridia Marketing.

All other elements of the design reflected the existing layout of Meridia Media.

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