5 Steps for Your Exceptional Trade Show

So you’ve decided to participate in a trade show.
Good for you!  Trade shows can be fertile ground for building your business and your brand – but only if you go in armed to the hilt.  Let’s talk about how to be truly prepared and dominate the action.

You’re setting your intention. This part of your prep is essential in assembling all the optimal pieces together. Not to get overly woo-woo, this is where you start to isolate your vision for the show.  After all, you’re most likely putting some significant resources into play.  Make sure it’s worth it.

To create a more interactive environment, think about running your PowerPoint deck, particularly with some witty testimonials integrated into the rotation.  Make it lighthearted and informative.  The idea is to be memorable and entertaining – and of course enlightening.

Why.  What.  How.  Fun.  Finish.
Have a great time at your trade shows.  Your sharp focus will make all the difference.  Gallardo Graphics is here to strategize and create your success.